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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Reduce Pain, Improve Life

Get empowered with the platform designed to help you break free from neurological disorders. Head Health's A.I. will help you create a custom curated care path, based upon your unique body, to create the lifestyle required to reduce symptoms.

Enter Data

Input your health data through our secure intelligent assessments.

Health Profile

Once your data is entered, a visual representation of your health is created within our interface.

Custom Report

Export your data into a custom report identifying triggers, deficiencies, and next steps.

Care Path

Use the platform to create a customized care path and sync with our coaches to achieve health outcomes.

Functional Technology

Come Alive With

The digital health strategy of Head Health is centered around a comprehensive data analytics engine that will capture and manage millions of parameters and combinations used to assess, diagnose, and prescribe treatment options.

Once the user manually inputs the data based on his or her unique health history, concussion profile, and symptoms, the data engine cross-references all insights to create a custom report. This will provide a starting point for self-discovery.