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The Head Health Approach

We look at the root cause of the neurological responses and use our proprietary technology to determine the best method for you to reduce stimuli and restore brain biochemistry. Being at the intersection of technology and medicine allows us to use the best of both worlds to provide the consumer and practitioner with real-time insights to achieve specific health outcomes - in faster time.

Functional Methodology

Head Health Methodology

Your genetic makeup can provide valuable insights toward your health and wellbeing. Our approach is focused on recognizing trends within your biology and equipping you with the proper information to determine how to proceed on your health journey.

It is common for individuals who suffer from neurological disorders to experience anger, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.


Our innovative, research-proven psychological techniques are at the core of our program to ensure each individual will experience a positive breakthrough.


We equip severe sufferers with the tools and support to feel comfortable about who they are and what they are going through, so that they may be able to give their unique body the space it requires to recover.

Progress in technology has shaped the way we interact, communicate, and access information, but it is coming at a cost. Researchers believe that our devices are leading causes of isolation, depression, and stimuli. The more you use them, the more likely you are to experience diminished health.


We want to meet you where you are. Our technology platform has the capabilities for you to track health data, but it also has features for you to learn and be connected to other individuals who are doing the same thing as you – breaking free.

We know that 85% of healthcare claims costs are due to an individuals lifestyle. Learning what lifestyle habits and behaviors are beneficial to your unique body can be a challenging task, which is why we have created an 18-week coaching program, in addition to our AI converation tool.

It is our objective to help severe sufferers and highly-symptomatic individual recognize the habits required to become healthy and empower them accordingly.

The Scope Of Our Data

The complexity of the brain and neurological disorders has created a disconnect between care and the approach to treatment. It is our objective to break down your health data in a concise and precise manner so that you recognize your starting point, achieve small victories, and help you break free.

Unique You